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Client Stories

Mary B. is a daughter who recently retired and realized that her 93 year old mother was needing more help and lived an hour away. She had siblings that helped, particularly a brother who lived near that would check on mom frequently, but it was becoming evident that she needed someone more often. Her pacemaker was needing a new battery and a conversation was initiated with her mom, her family and her physician about not replacing the battery and allowing her to pass away naturally. Mary moved her mom into her home and engaged two sisters to help out on days that she needed to be away for long periods of time.

As Mary says “I have been seeing Linda for over a year for chronic pain in the shoulders and lower back. As the primary caregiver for my 93 year old mother, I experience the occasional physical and mental stress that can come with that responsibility. Being able to turn to Linda with her healing hands and encouraging conversation has been a Godsend to me.

dreamstime_m_24205130Guy B. is a retired teacher and musician, who has given back to the community all of his life.

He suffers with chronic pain and arthritis and post polio syndrome. He is a primary support for his wife who has significant pain issues and physical ailments. His children live a distance away and are not available to help on a regular basis.

As Guy says “Because of her background as a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist, she has extensive knowledge of body mechanics and how to get right to the core of various physical problems. Linda is a welcoming, personable and compassionate person who will care deeply about your well being.